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MBA / MHSAA Marching Championship Files   The files below are for bands who are participating in the 2013 Marching Championship. Final Instruction Letter to Participating Directors Championship Schedule - Final Band Seating Charts: Clinton Site Seating Chart (Class 1A/3A/6A) Pearl Site Seating Chart (Class 2A/4A/5A) Announcer Information Form (.doc format - MS Word) Please Complete and email back to Robin Crawford Class 2A/4A/5A Information Form - Click Here PEARL SITE (All Directors of 2A/4A/5A Schools Must complete and submit this form to the Pearl Band Auxiliary for parking/logistical information) Class 1A/3A/6A Information Form - Click Here CLINTON SITE (All Directors of 1A/3A/6A Schools Must complete and submit this form to the Clinton Band Boosters for parking/logistical information) Championship Admission Prices Pearl Site Map Clinton Site Map Retreat Diagram DVD Ordering Information: Copyright Form - Click Here 1A/3A/6A DVD Preorders - Click Here 2A/4A/5A DVD Preorders - Click Here Individual Band DVD Preorders - Click Here Meal Deal Form for Pearl Site - Class 2A/4A/5A